A Letter From Burgundy

September 23, 2016

Lily at Les Volets Verts

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Last Summer, a young male cat arrived in our garden and stayed there for a few days playing with the children who were staying in the gite at that time. To cut a long story short we now have a lovely cat called Mickey.
This Summer, our neighbours got a new kitten who arrived in our garden (and bedroom by climbing through the window) on her first day in Morlet.

First response when meeting Mickey

First response when meeting Mickey

She was only about 8 weeks at this time and seemed desperate to get into our house. Despite the heat we kept the windows and doors shut and took her “home” on numerous occasions. She kept coming back all the time and was sleeping rough in the garden at night because we wouldn’t let her in. This was a great concern to us but she wasn’t ours and needed to go back to her own home.

She¬†visited the guests at the gite whenever she was made welcome and we asked them not to feed her or let her in. Some guests, whose children loved playing in the garden with her called her “Miss Trouble.” She then had a marvellous time with our grandchildren who called her “Missy.” She seemed very flat when Harrison and Lilah went home because she had got used to lots of cuddles and had enjoyed spending time with two people who adored her.

Lots of fuss from the Grandchildren

We continued taking her home to our neighbours and not letting her in our house but she had made up her mind where she wanted to be on day one in Morlet and was not going to give up easily.

She slipped into the outside office whenever she could and slept on an old quilt in a cardboard box that had belonged to one of the dogs.

I can't be the house cat so I'll be the office cat.

I can’t be the house cat so I’ll be the office cat.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Lily were spending more and more time together playing and mock fighting in the garden.

In the Garden


Early September, we decided that we would have to speak to our neighbours – they had hardly seen their kitten and she had made it quite clear that she wanted to adopt us, even if we didn’t seem to want her.

We told the farmer that she had adopted us and could we adopt her? He kindly agreed that we could ¬†and her delight when she was allowed into the house and fed and treated just like Mickey was a delight to see. We decided to give her the name Lily and after two and half weeks she is now responding to it. If I wasn’t sure before I am now a firm believer that when an animal decides where they want to be, or who they want to be with, they can be very persistent indeed.

In the house at last

Peace for how long?

Peace for how long?

April 27, 2013


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This has been a difficult blog to write as sadly our second Cavalier is gone. To lose both dogs in the space of just over two months was very difficult.

At first he seemed to be coping without his “girl” but his long standing heart condition became worse and he started to eat less and less. After eight weeks he had gone from 15 kilos to only 10 kilos and was so weak he was falling over and we made the difficult decision not to go on.

Thank you Scamp for giving us so much pleasure and love throughout your life.


January 27, 2013

Thanks to Millie

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We ended last year on a sad note – we went to England for Christmas with our two dogs and came back with only one.
On the morning of Christmas Eve we discovered our Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Millie, could no longer use her back legs. We went straight down to our former vets in the UK where it was discovered she had had a stroke in the night. Blood tests followed which revealed she had other problems too and we knew that she had developed a heart murmur on a recent visit to our French vets.


Last picture of Millie

(MVD – mitral valve disease affects nearly all cavaliers by the age of 10 so we did pretty well to get to 12 years 4 months before we were aware of a murmur. In fact it is now recommended that all cavaliers should be screened for heart murmurs annually from the age of one).

We consequently followed the advice of the vet and that was to “faire piquer” / put to sleep. Most of us have made this decision at some time and we know it isn’t easy. We said good bye to her and thanked her for giving us so much pleasure and love throughout her life. She was an amazing dog and she had “a good innings” as our daughter living in Australia said.

On returning to France we were concerned how our other dog Scamp would be as he had only known life with Millie. After a few days where he seemed a little unsettled, a bit lost and concerned that everything else might change (like biscuits as a treat at bed time) he now seems quite content with his new life. He obviously misses her as we all do but enjoys the company of other dogs more and at times seems to enjoy having our exclusive attention.

Life goes on and we look forward to all that 2013 brings our way.

Morlet, December 2012