A Letter From Burgundy

August 29, 2012

La Rentrée

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It has been a great summer for us with family from Australia staying for July and August and new properties coming on board for rental next year but with ploughing of the fields and cutting of the hedges going on the work of the farmer reminds us that summer is drawing to a close. We are looking forward to blackberries in the hedgerows and of course the Vendenage which is going to be starting later than usual this year due to the unsettled weather. We are also aware that many vines in the Beaune area have been damaged by a mixture of hail and humidity so not a good time for the Burgundy wine growers. We have very few plums and cherries, no quince but the summer weather has suited our beetroot, beans, tomatoes and courgettes that have all done well. Pumpkins are doing well too – I don’t think they’re meant to be this big in August : Our lovely grand daughters (and their Parents) arrived about hay making time: We have had a lot of fun including being a Princess at Chateau Sully:

It has been a little embarrassing because as far as Emmeline, 31/2 years old, is concerned it has been the summer of “Aladdin” and when French friends and neighbours have asked what her name is and I have replied “Emmeline” she has contradicted me by saying “No it’s not I’m Princess Jasmine.”

Picnics, digging the potatoes up and picking the tomatoes in the garden as well as fishing for tiddlers have been popular too:




They left Burgundy for a few days to stay with friends in the South of France and evidently the tomatoes were not nearly as delicious as the tomatoes that Grandad grows so it’s good to know it’s not just wine that this region is famous for!

After a busy couple of months peace has now resumed but it’s great to know that we will see them again in September before they return to Sydney!